Sports-Motion DNA

3-2 Count is now offering Sports Motion Capture analysis. The only 4 or 8 sensor electromagnetic machine on the east coast. In today’s sports environment, coaches and athletes are always looking for new ways to gain a competitive edge. Motion capture technology is the next frontier in athletic training. Motion capture is the science of capturing a person’s movement by attaching sensors to various body parts, and sending that data to a computer for analysis and animation.


Motion DNA corporation has brought the technology to you at a affordable rate where it is portable or you can come to our affiliate facility at 3-2 Count Athletic Training Facility.

The Motion DNA system is capable of analyzing any sports motion. These services are available to individuals and teams involved in recreational, high school, college and professional sports. We are developing core competency motion related analysis for baseball, softball, running, golf, soccer, football and much more.

In addition to a Full body Sports Motion analysis we offer PURE FLIGHT which is a sports performance monitor that can measure speeds and velocities for baseball, softball and golf players.

Current Services

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For Baseball
For Golf
  • Measures Bat Speed at Impact
  • Measures Exit Speed
  • Measures Pitching Velocity
  • Calculates Power Transfer Ratio
  • Calculates Carry Distance
  • Improve Directional & Distance Control
  • Get Objective Feedback from Sessions
  • Track History & Compete Against Yourself & Others
  • Identify Improvement Areas
  • Use PTR to Track Solidness of Your Hit
  • Compare Different Bats to Optimize Your Game
  • View their golf shot data on a per shot basis
  • Know their distances by club in the current environment (elevation, humidity, temperature)
  • Receive objective feedback from practice sessions
  • Identify improvement areas
  • Use Power Transfer Ratio to track solidness of hit
  • Use for short shots through drives
  • Master 1/2 & 3/4 shots
  • Compare different clubs & balls to optimize their game
  • Gap their clubs and know distance ranges per club
  • Rank their consistency across clubs

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Additional Service PureFlight™

This state of the art advanced radar technology product gives you the tools to quantify player swing and pitching performance. The PureFlight™ provides objective feedback to measure training program quality and results, advancement of player bat speed and exit speed, and overall hitting and pitching evaluation. Training and practicing with the PureFlight™ motivates players and makes practice more fun! The PureFlight™ supports you in evaluating players and programs based on objective and quantifiable feedback; it takes the subjective qualities of evaluation out and provides only the facts.